IRSC 2016

Nous vous rappelons que le 26e Congrès international de la sécurité ferroviaire, the International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) se tiendra du 2 au 7 octobre 2016 en France, à l'hôtel Pullman Bercy, Paris...
The rail system in France and in Europe is constantly evolving, not only from a legal and institutional point of view, but also in technical and economic terms.
It is in this context that, on 14 December 2016, the European Parliament adopted the market pillar of the Fourth Railway Package, concerning the opening up of national markets to competition and governance of stakeholders in the rail system.
The law on the new railway package was enacted on 27 June 2018, cementing the schedule for opening up the French market to European competition and initiating reorganisation of the SNCF public rail group.
In parallel, questions are increasingly being raised as to how innovation and new technologies can be used to enhance mobility and economic sustainability, all contingent upon improved standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental protection expected by citizens, users and customers.
Founded in 2006 under Directive 2004/49/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the safety of the Community’s railways, the EPSF is central to this overall framework.
Responsible for the French national rail system, it oversees railway safety, contributes to interoperability on European networks and ensures that all stakeholders are treated fairly and equally.